Jaroslava Prerovska

Certified Pilates Instructor

„Life is not about finding yourself but about creating yourself.“ G. B. Shaw

I have tried almost all possible methods of dynamic exercise since my childhood. My biggest passion was aerobics, which I practised several times per week for more than twenty years.

After an unexpected health complication and subsequent surgery I had to start from scratch. I had breathing difficulties, trouble with coordination and the right part of my body and some of my back muscles literally disappeared. At that time I began to take a detailed interest in muscles. I changed not only the pace of my exercise, but particularly the method. I discovered pilates, its philosophy and immediate effects and became hooked on it. After regular workouts, only six month after the surgery, my body was supple as a twig and my breathing and posture improved significantly.

For many people, pilates is a boring method of exercise during which you do not sweat, but the reverse is true. Pilates is based on concentration, accuracy, coordination. If the exercises are carried out under supervision of an experienced instructor you leave the lesson feeling taller, slimmer, with a supple spine and youthful gait.

Pilates matwork with usage of accessories (ball, roller, bosu, circle and flex band) is suitable for all those who spend most of their time sitting in an office or in a car, for seniors, active sportsmen, for pregnant women or women having given birth – simply for everyone who burdens their bodies unilaterally.

In my lessons I am a pilates teacher: I concentrate on carrying out exercises correctly and on awareness of our own bodies.

Jaroslava Prerovska
Certified Pilates Instructor accredited by FISAF
Under management of Hana Hofrichtrova

phone: 604 89 68 29
e-mail: prelingua@gmail.com